CLOUDIO + Pure Storage.
Better together.


  • All-flash, 100% NVMe Shared accelerated storage
  • NVMe and DirectFlash ensures absolute minimal latency for your most business critical applications
  • Built-in data deduplication, compression end encryption with over 5x average data reduction
  • Proven 99.9999% availability - including software upgrades and full hardware refreshes
  • Stay current with Evergreen Storage Subscription. You storage only get better with age. As long as your support contract is active, you will receive a hardware refresh every 36 months.


  • Fast, big and simple
  • Elastic performance which scales with capacity – up to 17 GB/s per chassis
  • High performance for small meta-data intense workloads as well as large file streams
  • Several petabytes of capacity – up to 8 PB and 7.5M IOPs within a single namespace
  • High performance fabric with 4x 40 Gbit/s connections per chassis

FlashBlade is a 4U appliance, which scales from 7 blades and up to 5 chassis for a total of 75 blades. All software is included, and no further tuning is required. Each blade has a capacity ranging from 8 to 52 TB, and can be mixed as needed. FlashBlade is also covered by the Evergreen Storage Subscription, where smaller blades can be swapped out as the demand for capacity increases.

FlashBlade data sheet